Lutheran Women's Missionary League South Dakota District


Funds collected will go to the LWML South Dakota District, and will be used for a purpose determined by the Board of Directors. We offer here two options for recycling.

M. L. C. Enterprises
808 Timber Ridge Road
Midwest City, Oklahoma 73130
405.737.8289 + Fax: 405.737.8289

Update Fall 2018 - Please see 2018 Fall Guidelines below for further details.

Downloadable documents for your recycling program:

Dazz Cycle

Dazz Cycle accepts both new and empty cartridges. They will email a FedEx Ground Prepaid Label for shipping. The labels are good for 180 days. Here are some of their documents.

Please visit for more information.

Please submit funds to the LWML South Dakota District Financial Secretary, Donna Harr (605-360-6002).