Lutheran Women's Missionary League South Dakota District

Update November 2017

Please be advised that any recycling shipping labels you currently have in your possession need to be destroyed. The recycling company will not accept any shipments using these outdated labels. The recycling company is in transition and new shipping labels will be sent to me. Please let me know when you have your boxes packed and need shipping labels. I will send you the new shipping labels. Please share this urgent information with others that may have these outdated shipping labels. The previous shipping labels need to be destroyed. Thanks for all your support and efforts in these recycling projects. Marguerite

Steps to Recycling and Helping the Environment
March 2017

  1. Register collection site with M. L. C. Enterprises.
  2. Notify students, club members, parents, adults, local businesses to save cartridges and other recyclable items.
  3. Use Public Relations (PR) opportunities to promote with Newsletters, Newspaper articles, flyers, email, etc., to raise money for your organization and to help the environment.
  4. Have members save ink jet and laser jet cartridges only, (not copier cartridges) by doing the following:
    1. Place old cartridge in a zip lock or plastic bag to prevent ink from leaking.
    2. Take laser jet cartridges out of their carton and wrap with several layers of newspaper in packing them in the recycling shipping carton.
    3. Bring cartridges to central location/collection site.
  5. Save cartridges and other recyclable items until you have collected at least 25–30, (approximately 30–40 lbs. in weight) to be shipped by FedEx. When packaging the boxes, place as many cartridges and other recyclables as possible in a large box. Be sure to protect the cartridges using bubble wrap, air pouches, newspaper or other packing materials. (Do NOT use styrofoam peanuts.) Pack the shipping carton as tight as possible. Reinforce with packaging tape.
  6. Contact  M. L. C. Enterprises to receive pre-paid FedEx labels. Email: or call - (405) 737-8289.
  7. Pre-paid FedEx shipping labels will be sent via U.S. mail. Take shipping carton to nearest FedEx shipper or leave at location for the FedEx driver to pick it up on the next delivery to the business. (Do not call FedEx to schedule an appointment. It will result in a charge to you.)
  8. Cell phones, pagers, PDAs, i-Pods, MP3 Players, DVD Video Games/Players,  Laptop computers, tablets, and e-Readers are also accepted for recycling. (Include cords and accessories electronics, not cell phones.) Place individually in plastic bags to protect in shipping.
  9. Remuneration check will be sent to your organization approximately 45 days after recycle items are processed.

M. L. C. Enterprises
808 Timber Ridge Road
Midwest City, Oklahoma 73130
405.737.8289 + Fax: 405.737.8289

Funds collected will go to the LWML South Dakota District, and will be used for a purpose determined by the Board of Directors. Contact Jeanette Smith at 605-228-1455 or if you have any questions.

Downloadable documents for your recycling program: