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2020 LWML South Dakota District

May 29–30, 2020 — Yankton, SD

"Set Your Eyes on Jesus"

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The mission of the South Dakota Lutheran Women's Missionary League is to provide women opportunities for spiritual growth and to equip and nurture them to use their God-given gifts to serve the Lord in home, church, community and the world.

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LWML SD Mission Grants Devotions (2018–2020 Mission Grants)

Updated Recycling Information - September 2018.

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  Heart to Heart Sisters Articles written by our YWR and H2H attendees to the LWML 2019 Mobile Convention. Check out the H2H Sisters page on lwml.org.
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Celebrating 75 Years video.

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2020 LWML South Dakota District Convention. NEW! Download and print the convention bookmark to share with members of your society, congregation, and zone.

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See LWML SD Forms for Officer Report Forms, Lutheran Woman's Quarterly and HiLites order information, Financial Secretary Remittance Form, LWML SD Historian Report Forms, and Special Gifts Fund Request Form.

LWML South Dakota is a district member of the Lutheran Women's Missionary League (LWML).

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Arlene Naasz
President Lisa Asmus



Nurturing Faith in Christ. By Godís grace we offer each woman opportunities to be in the Word and to use her unique gifts in Godís service.

Making Our Faith Meaningful. We equip each woman to make a significant difference in the lives of all people.

Sharing Encouragement. We value each other in Christ and we accept and encourage each woman to grow in her relationship with others.

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