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Date: June 22–25, 2023
Location: Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Theme: Celebrate the Lord of the Nations


Scripture Verse: Blessed is the nation whose God is the Lord, the people whom he has chosen as his heritage! The Lord looks down from heaven; he sees all the children of man (Psalm 33:12–13).


Goal Statement: As His children, we celebrate the Lord of the nations.


Objectives: Convention attendees, understanding that we are all His children, will:

•  Celebrate our Lord through Word and Sacrament.
•  Honor God by serving our neighbors.
•  Proclaim His message to the nations.


  • This registration form contains more information. Please download and save to your computer. It is a fillable form. 02-02-2023 Note: The motorcoach will be stopping it pick up passengers in Chamberlain and Mitchell.


The Banner Processional at LWML conventions sets the tone for the convention as it beautifully expresses the convention theme and highlights the God-given talents of our districts. As 2022 was the 80th anniversary of establishing the Lutheran Women’s Missionary League, you are being offered the opportunity to participate in a visual way to celebrate this anniversary. You may create a new banner using the 2023 convention theme and the banner specifications noted below.

  1. Finished banner size is to be 3’ x 5’. Added fringe may be longer. You may not use the convention logo on your banner, but do base your design on the convention theme, “Celebrate the Lord of the Nations.” You may use the convention colors (note the letterhead) or other colors if you wish. Heavy fabric or bulky items are discouraged, as your banner should be easy to manage when carried. 

  2. Your district’s name must be on the front of the banner, though it may be abbreviated. Use any size letters you wish. Place a small identifying tag naming your district on the lower left corner on the backside of the banner, to help identify your district banner when it is rolled up.

  3. Attach two ties to the back of the banner. One of the ties is to be at the center of the banner width, about 10-12” from the top. The second tie is to be at the center of the banner width, about 10-12” from the bottom. These ties should be long enough to tie a bow around a 2” pole. Note: Do NOT use Velcro to hold banner to the pole, as it has proved ineffective. Please use ties as described.

  4. A dowel used at the bottom of the banner must be tacked in place to prevent it from slipping out of the casing.

  5. At the top attach the banner to a 1” dowel with an eye screw on each end of the dowel. Please use a strong quarter-inch or 8mm cord. Make a small loop at the center for hanging. Secure the cording through each eye screw, laying the cord flat along the dowel, with the small loop at the center of the banner. Knot the cord on the outside of each screw. Be sure to attach the cord tightly because it will stretch when the banner is hung. Please hang your banner before sending it to the convention, to allow time for stretching.


Please visit for more information.

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